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Letting People In…

A trauma brain is a brain that is reactive and vigilant all of the time, affecting the way we regulate our emotions, heightening our sense of anxiety and making it hard to trust anyone. Scientific data shows that traumatic stress can reduce the functioning of the prefrontal cortex that is responsible to assist us toContinue reading “Letting People In…”

5 fun things to do

I came across a new app developed in locally in New Zealand called Groov. It’s an extension from their parent app, Mentemia. It’s been helpful to keep me grounded. I’m going to see if I can try these activities that they recommended.

Cognitive Defusion: How to unhook from negative thoughts and feelings

This entry is a short one. I have been in a depressive episode for the past 7 weeks or so now. At times like this, my mind automatically generates unhelpful thoughts and feelings, that despite knowing that there is validity in them, these thoughts and feelings are unhelpful in my work towards my own recovery.Continue reading “Cognitive Defusion: How to unhook from negative thoughts and feelings”


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I work as a mental health nurse and I hope to document my experiences with depression with the hope that other who share similar experiences would be able to find some comfort.

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